IT Outsourcing Solutions

support, maintenance, modernization of your IT infrastructure

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Cloud services

-virtual server and its administration

-lease the virtual server and its administration

-data archive




-warranty service

-repair of equipment of any complexity

Refilling cartridges

-repair of cartridges

-cost from 80 lei including VAT

Software Licensing

-licensing of OS

-licensing Microsoft Office

Service of POS:

-Programming of POS

-physicalization of POSs


IT consulting

-free IT audit of office equipment, networks

-recommendations on the proper operation of equipment

Creation and promotion of sites:

-development of sites

-site business card

-auditing sites

Securing the preservation of data:



-secure connection security

-daily archiving of data with the possibility of recovery

Sale of equipment, components:

-sale of any equipment

-partnership prices

-warranty service

Remote Support 1C:

-online consultation

-sale 1C accounting

-individual revision of 1C

Installation of wired and wireless networks:

-installation of networks for any project

-configuration of wired and wireless networks

-administration of wired and wireless networks

Installation and adjustment of video surveillance:

-montage of video surveillance

-configuration of video surveillance

-configure a remote user

Setting up and servicing IP telephony:

-development of TK

-montage of telephony

-setting up of telephony

-employee training

IT Outsourcing:

-all the above services are rendered at the conclusion of the contract

-Individual approach to each client

-service 24/7



It outsourcing has long become an independent direction. This is a trend of cooperation conquered all advanced businessmen and successfully made it to our space. What is such a success? The price, quantity and quality are natural. For an affordable price, you get several qualified employees in different areas of IT, and this is programming,administration, installation, and also service, i.e. instead of one full-time employee you have a whole team. I want to note that you do not depend on your employee, but this is a sick leave, a vacation and a person's attitude, because Once again, I repeat you have a whole staff of «at hand». It is worth noting that you automatically raise the level of confidentiality of your data, because This is a form of B2B cooperation, both parties are protected by the contract. It's up to you, with Respect

Why us

Why us

-Economy and transparency of costs

-Wide staff of specialists, instead of one

-The exclusion of the human factor

-Non-standard and fast approach to solving problems



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